Join Wigs & Wishes for a Night Under the Stars

Cancer doesn’t magically stop during a pandemic. The emotional, physical, and financial challenges can be even scarier for those fighting cancers during these difficult times. Martino Cartier is committed to helping those afflicted with hair loss, just one unfortunate side effect during their cancer treatment, by using his expertise in the hair care field. In fact, his non-profit organization, Wigs & Wishes, has changed over 150,000 lives in over 300 salons across the country since its conception in 2011.


Helping those in financial need. Wigs & Wishes understands the financial stress that comes with a cancer diagnosis. The loss incurred from missing work, traveling to specialists, and the treatments themselves can be devastating to a family. Cartier believes that an individual’s ability to receive a high-quality wig should not be dependent on their financial status. Wigs & Wishes stands by cancer patients to ensure that the expense of a wig is not something that is added to their financial strain.


At Wigs & Wishes, we can provide high-quality wigs and hair replacement solutions to those affected by cancer and other medical ailments that cause hair loss, thanks to the generosity of many who understand the need for these patients to protect their dignity while helping with the financial burden for families.


Battling emotional stress. Those battling these debilitating illnesses are often already feeling emotionally defeated. Hair loss is just another hit to their confidence and self-image and is a physical reminder of the battle that is going on within their body. We empower those fighting cancer by providing them with a custom-made wig made from healthy, donated hair.


A Night Under the Stars Event

Martino Cartier will be hosting “A Night Under the Stars” celebrating 10 years of Wigs & Wishes on November 14, 2020, at Gloucester County Community Church in Washington Township, NJ. Because of COVID-19 challenges, there will be 250 in-person tickets offered. However, if tickets sell out, you can still join us virtually!


It’s the mission of Wigs & Wishes to restore confidence and dignity and to instill emotional strength to these deserving individuals, and we will be honoring all those affected by cancer in 2020. The 2020 Queen of the Night will be crowned by Michele, our 2019 Queen who is now cancer-free! Our co-host Paula Abdul will be joining us virtually to celebrate this momentous occasion.


We will also be recognizing our long-dedicated sponsors and supporters, which will be highlighted with the 2020 Heart of Gold award.


Beginning in 2020, the American Cancer Society began referring all wig requests to Wigs & Wishes, so we need your support more than ever! It is our mission to NEVER turn a woman with cancer away.


Cancer can take a lot from those who are affected by it. Wigs & Wishes is determined to help bring joy, encouragement, and dignity to women and children facing the biggest battle of their lives. To learn more about how you can help Wigs and Wishes continue their mission of improving the quality of life for those fighting cancer, please visit the Wigs and Wishes website, and be sure to stay updated through the organization’s Facebook page!