Heat Blade Straightening Comb Lite

$99 $149

Professionally style your hair by brushing it out from the scalp to the tip—straightening, volumizing, or building layers of beachy waves.

Straightening, volumizing and building seductive waves is as simple as brushing through your hair with this innovative heat-safe tool. You can take it on the go and even use it for quick touchups and detailing. This tool provides a more efficient and safe way to professionally style by sealing the hair cuticle which means more style retention, less frizz and loads of silky, shiny hair. Achieve salon quality hair styles each and every time.

Product Features:

• Outer skeleton heat guard – creates a protective barrier to prevent contact with heating fins.
• 21 mini ceramic tourmaline fins – allows your hair to glide through in one pass. nonstick fins create even heat distribution for each and every strand of your hair.
• 2 settings: medium 340°F (170°c) or high 375°F (190°c). • Dual voltage.
• Designed to protect all hair types.
• Salon level quality and durability.
• 6-foot swivel cord.


Wash, dry and comb hair thoroughly. Wrap a towel around neck to prevent possible skin burns.

For clip curling:
1. Simply twist the tool back to the center position and wrap hair around barrel.
2. Plug the product into the power outlet and push the power switch down for medium or up for high. the power indicator light will show that the appliance is turned on.
3. Select ideal temperature setting: medium or high.
4. Let the appliance heat up for 2-3 minutes.
5. Separate sections of hair.
6. Hold hair end firmly, and slowly glide comb through hair, from root to tip in one pass.
7. Repeat action for other sections of hair.
8. After using, push the power switch to the off location to shut down the appliance and unplug.
9. Please wait until appliance has cooled down before packing away.

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