Heat Blade Straightening Comb

$175 $200

For sexy straight hair, the glide-thru Heat Blade Straightening Comb gives you silky smooth locks in just one-pass.

This brand new innovative tool features an outer skeleton heat guard that makes it a more efficient and safer way to professionally style your hair with amazing style retention. Creating a protective barrier, the comb seals the hair cuticle, so there is less frizz and loads of shine. Developed with three temperature settings for all hair types, you can now straighten your hair and look as good as if you just left the salon.


Comb-straighten your hair with designated temperature level. Level 1 – Fine hair
Level 2 – Normal hair
Level 3 – Curly or Coarse hair

1. Ensure hair is dry and combed thru, separate sections of hair
2. Select ideal temperature 1 Low, 2 Medium, 3 Highest.
3. Allow a few seconds for the comb to heat through.
4. Hold hair end firmly, and working from the underpart of your hair, take your heat blade and glide the comb through hair, from root to tip in just on pass.
5. Repeat the process for the remaining sections of your hair and you will get through your entire head in just a few minutes.

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